DFW Airport - Copper Clean Case Study

Dallas Forth Worth International Airports newest safety measure is installation of Copper Clean® antimicrobial patches that help slow the spread of harmful pathogens. As a pilot project, the self-sanitizing copper alloy patches were applied to terminal exit doors and evaluated for antimicrobial effects, durability, and aesthetic appeal over the course of several months.  In contrast to bare stainless steel door hardware, the inherent capability of copper to mitigate a wide range of microorganisms provides continuous sanitizing action. Where pathogens were once able to live and replicate between cleanings, the copper surfaces now continuously provide protection from harmful microorganisms.

Copper Clean® patches are EPA registered to neutralize 6 of the most harmful pathogens.  Certain antimicrobial copper alloys have also just been recognized by the EPA as effective against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19).  For more information on the pilot project or Copper Clean® please email us at inquiries@copperclean.com.