The Smith Hamilton team is grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside BTG Products and to introduce Copper Clean to multiple markets across the country. Alongside personal health practices, this technology will help our partners communicate and demonstrate the steps they are taking to be socially responsible.

Emily Hunt, Ph.D, PE

BTG Products, President and Founder

Now, more than ever, education, responsibility, and reassurance are key to moving our world forward again. These principles are exactly why the team at BTG Products has dedicated their lives to researching and developing innovative antimicrobial technology across  various industries in various applications. 

BTG Products specializes in problem solving critical needs world-wide with simple, innovative solutions. From the original ideation to manufacturing, BTG Products connects the dots for progressive ideas to reach the hands of the consumer. Our company is composed of unconventional engineers who have a heart to solve problems in order to protect the people that we love. Copper Clean, the newest product of BTG, came to life in the spring of 2020 when the COVID-19 crisis began. Having a strong background in material science and 10 years of experience working with antimicrobial product designs, our team was able to bring an EPA approved antimicrobial patch to market in a matter of weeks. Our expectation with Copper Clean is to protect the surfaces a community interacts with most frequently. BTG's desire is to continue to launch good news and innovative products into the world.